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Academy of Achievement: Golden Plate Recipients 1961-1976
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The Golden Plate Award has been presented since 1961 by the Academy of Achievement to approximately 25 guests of honor at the International Achievement Summit.

Chosen by the Academy's Awards Council and other distinguished authorities, these men and women of exceptional accomplishment in the sciences, professions, business, industry, arts, literature, sports, entertainment, and public service are acclaimed ... not as winners, but as "representatives of the many who excel."

This page presents a selected list of honorees from the years 1961 through 1976. Honorees from the following years can be found at the links below, along with a Summary of Golden Plate Recipients grouped by decade and field of endeavor.

Selected Honorees: 1977 - 1992
Selected Honorees: 1993 - 2008
Complete List of Honorees: 2009 - 2014
Summary of Golden Plate Recipients

Class of 1961

Roger Adams, Ph.D.
Organic Chemistry

Luis W. Alvarez, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Thomas Hart Benton

Herbert L. Block
Editorial Cartoons

Charles Stark Draper, Ph.D.
Aeronautics and Engineering

Rear Adm. George Dufek, USN
South Polar Exploration

Carl Owen Dunbar, Ph.D.

John W. Galbreath
Industrialist and Sportsman

Judge Learned Hand

Douglas Edison Harding
Philosopher, Author and Teacher

George N. Hatsopoulos, Sc.D.
Thermodynamics and Engineering

Bob Hope
"Ambassador of Entertainment"

Clarence L. (Kelly) Johnson
Aviation Research

Yousuf Karsh
Portrait Photography

Frank H. Knight, Ph.D.

R.G. LeTourneau
Inventor and Philanthropist

Willard F. Libby, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Gen. Douglas MacArthur, USA
Congressional Gold Medal

Charles William Mayo, M.D.

David H. Murdock
Investor and Developer

Theodore Roethke
Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

Alfred Sherwood Romer, Ph.D.
Zoology and Paleontology

George Silk

Garrison and A. Mose Siskin
Siskin Children's Institute

Edward Teller, Ph.D.
Nuclear Physics

Lt. Don Walsh, USN
Undersea Exploration

Alan T. Waterman, Ph.D.
Science and Public Welfare

Alvin M. Weinberg, Ph.D.
Nuclear Physics

William Wyler
Motion Picture Director

Class of 1962

Karel Jan Bossart
"Father of the Atlas Rocket"

Nina S. Braunwald, M.D.
First Woman Heart Surgeon

James S. Copley

Maxime A. Faget
Mercury Capsule Design

J. Harry Goldie
Senior Engineer, Dyna-Soar space glider

Murray Gell-Mann, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Rafer Johnson
Olympic Champion

Waldo K. Lyon, Ph.D.
Submarine Conquest of the Arctic


Louis Nizer
Law and Literature

Alton and John Ochsner, Sr., M.D.
Founders, The Ochsner Clinic

Peter G. Peterson
Business and Public Service

John R. Pierce, Ph.D.
Electrical Engineering

Frank Press, Ph.D.

Vice Adm. William F. Raborn, Jr., USN
"Father of the Polaris"

Robert Stack
"The Untouchables" TV Series

Wendell M. Stanley, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Col. John Stapp, M.D., Ph.D.
National Medal of Technology

Harrison A. Storms, Jr., Ph.D.
Aeronautics Pioneer

Thomas Vanderslice, Ph.D.
Vacuum Research

Father William B. Wasson
Savior of Orphaned Children

Class of 1964

Jacqueline Cochran
Business and Aviation

Nicholas Christofilos
Nuclear Science

William H. Fairbank, Ph.D.
Physicist and Pioneer in Quarks

Col. John H. Glenn, USMC
First American to Orbit the Earth

John Green
Songwriters Hall of Fame

Oscar Griffin, Jr.
Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting

Bernhard Haurwitz, Ph.D.
Atmospheric Research

C.H. Li, Ph.D.
Discoverer, Human Growth Hormone

Paul Manship

Edward M. McMillan, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Walter H. Munk, Ph.D.
Pioneering Oceanographer

Jim Murray
Pulitzer Prize for Sportswriting

Floyd B. Odlum
Industry and Public Service

Gerald L. Pearson, Ph.D.
Inventor, Silicon Solar Cell

William H. Pickering, Ph.D.
Interplanetary Exploration

Simon Ramo, Ph.D.
Industrialist and Scientist

Louis Rosen, Ph.D.
Dawn of the Atomic Age

Gen. Holland M. Smith, USMC
"Father of Amphibious Warfare"

Asa T. Spaulding
Civil Rights Pioneer

Gen. Leif J. Sverdrup, USA
Soldier and Civic Leader

King Vidor
Motion Picture Direction

Carlos Raul Villanueva
Modernist Architecture

Joe Walker
X-15 Test Pilot

Class of 1965

Prof. Howard H. Aiken
"Father of the Computer"

Walter C. Alvarez, M.D.

Bill Bradley
Scholar, Athlete and Legislator

Donald De Lue

Capt. Roger H. Donlon, USA
Medal of Honor

Gen. Benjamin D. Foulois, USAF
America's First Military Aviator

Rev. Billy Graham
Missionary and Evangelist

Helen Keller
"First Lady of Courage"

Henry H. Kessler, M.D.
Medical Rehabilitation

William L. Langer, Ph.D.

Harding L. Lawrence

Maria Goeppert Mayer, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Brig. Gen. James McDivitt, USAF
Conquest of Space

David Merrick
Theater Production

W. Albert Noyes, Jr., Ph.D.
Pioneer of Photochemistry

Harold A. Rosen, Ph.D.
"Early Bird" Communications

Harold Russell
Employment of the Handicapped

Frank Ryan, Ph.D.
Football Champion and Scholar

Gen. B.A. Schriever, USAF
America's Air Defense

Harris M. (Bud) Schurmeier
Project Manager, Voyager 1

Waldo L. Semon, Ph.D.
Inventor of Vinyl

William J. Sparks, Ph.D.
Inventor, Synthetic Tires

Henry Taube, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Charles Allen Thomas, Ph.D.
Manhattan Project

Theos (Tommy) Thompson, Ph.D.
Nuclear Engineering

Lt. Col. Edward H. White II, USAF
Conquest of Space

Kemmons Wilson
Founder, Holiday Inn

Class of 1966

Lee J. Cobb

Albert P. Crary
Antarctic Exploration

Harold Edgerton, Ph.D.
"Father of Strobeflash Photography"

Percy Foreman
Legendary Courtroom Lawyer

Ivar Giaever, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Paul Herget, Ph.D.

John W. Hill
Public Relations

George W. Jenkins
Supermarket Industry

C. Paul Jennewein
Architectural Sculptor

Adrian Kantrowitz, M.D.
Artificial Heart Implant

Arthur Kantrowitz, Ph.D.
Scientist and Engineer

E.C. Kendall, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Bernard Kilgore

Koji Kobayashi, Ph.D.
Japan's Industrial Visionary

Gordon B. McLendon
Radio Pioneer

Allan Nevins, Ph.D.
Pulitzer Prize for History

Irvine H. Page, M.D.
Discoverer of Serotonin

Samuel Ruben
Inventor, the Alkaline Battery

Frederick Seitz, Ph.D.
National Medal of Science

George Gaylord Simpson, Ph.D.
Zoology and Paleontology

Charles B. (Tex) Thornton

Harold C. Urey, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

DeWitt Wallace
Founder, the Reader's Digest

Lila Bell Acheson Wallace
Presidential Medal of Freedom

John Archibald Wheeler, Ph.D.
Theoretical Physicist

Alvin S. White
XB-70 Chief Test Pilot

Richard L. Wilson
Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting

Class of 1967

Adm. Lloyd V. Berkner, USN
Scientist and Explorer

Jacob Bjerknes, Ph.D.
Creator of Modern Meteorology

Andrew L. Brimmer, Ph.D.
Federal Reserve Board

August A. Busch, Jr.
Brewer and Civic Leadership

Anna Chennault
Champion of Democracy

Michael E. DeBakey, M.D.
Legendary Heart Surgeon

Peter Debye, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Allen Drury
Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

Paul Freund, S.J.D.
Constitutional Law

Philippe Halsman
111 Covers for Life Magazine

David Lawrence
U.S. News & World Report

Lt. Walter J. Marm, USA
Medal of Honor

James J. Nance
Banker and Civic Leader

Alan L. Otten
Washington Correspondent

Claude E. Shannon, Ph.D.
Electronics and Mathematics

J. R. Simplot
Agribusiness Pioneer

Robert J. Smithdas
Deaf-Blind Teacher and Advocate

Gordon K. Teal, Ph.D.
Inventor, First Silicon Transistor

Vladimir Zworykin, Ph.D.
"Father of Television"

Class of 1968

Joyce Brothers, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Columnist and Author

Carr P. Collins
Financier and Philanthropist

Denton A. Cooley, M.D.
Heart Transplant Pioneer

Thomas G. Corcoran
Washington's First Modern Lobbyist

Wallace John Eckert, Ph.D.
Celestial Mechanics

Edward King Gaylord
Newspaper Publishing

William H. Goetzmann, Ph.D.
Pulitzer Prize for History

Chinn Ho
Trans-Pacific Industrialist

Sgt. Jimmie E. Howard, USMC
Medal of Honor

Hon. Daniel K. Inouye, Jr.
War Hero and U.S. Senator

Ewing M. Kauffman
Industrialist and Sportsman

Captain James A. Lovell, Jr., USN
Conquest of Space

Stan Musial
Baseball Hall of Fame

Brig. General Robin Olds, USAF
Aviation Hall of Fame

Allison R. Palmer, Ph.D.

Eugene Patterson
Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing

John C. Portman, Jr.
Architect, Designer, and Developer

Eugene C. Pulliam
Newspaper Publishing

George Shearing
Pianist and Composer

Lawrence E. Spivak
"Meet the Press"

John S. Toll, Ph.D.
Science and Education

Class of 1969

Lt. Col. William A. Anders, USAF
Apollo 8 Astronaut

Malcolm Baldridge
Business Management

Hanson W. Baldwin
Pulitzer Prize correspondent

Col. Frank Borman, USAF
Space Exploration

Marquis W. Childs
Pulitzer Prize for Commentary

W.W. Keeler
Energy and Development

Charles D. Kelman, M.D.
National Medal of Technology

Mary Wells Lawrence

Charles Luckman
Architect and Public Servant

Cyril Magnin
Retailer and Civic Leader

Mickey Mantle
Baseball Hall of Fame

William K. H. Mau

Dean A. McGee
Oil, Gas, and Uranium

David Packard
Co-Founder, Hewlett-Packard Co.

Judge Edith S. Sampson
"Justice from the Heart"

Muriel Siebert
First Woman, N.Y. Stock Exchange

John C. Slater, Ph.D.
Quantum Revolution in Physics

George M. Steinbrenner III
Entrepreneur and Sportsman

Col. Robert L. Stephens, USAF
SR-71 Chief Test Pilot

Jack L. Strominger, M.D.

Charles H. Townes, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Mitchell Wolfson, Sr.
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

David L. Wolper

Class of 1970

Amb. Shirley Temple Black
Film Actress and Diplomat

Terry Bradshaw
All-American Quarterback

Bernard B. Brodie, M.D.
Modern Medicine Award

George Cukor
Oscar for "My Fair Lady"

Peter C. Goldmark, Ph.D.

Robert A. Good, M.D.
First Bone Marrow Transplant

John M. Hightower
Pulitzer Prize correspondent

Jack S. Kilby
Inventor of the Integrated Circuit

Walter Lantz
Cartoonist -- Creator of "Woody Woodpecker"

Jerry Lewis
Comedian and Humanitarian

Rita Levi-Montalcini, M.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Hon. Richard G. Lugar
United States Senate

Harry M. Meyer, Jr., M.D.
and Paul D. Parkman, M.D.
Co-Developers, Rubella Vaccine

Bobby Orr
Hockey Hall of Fame

H. Ross Perot
Computer Services Entrepreneur

Tracy Jackson Putnam, M.D.
Discoverer, Phenytoin Epilepsy Drug

Bernardo Quintana Arrioja
Engineering and Construction

John W. Rollins

Robert W. Russell
"Adventures In A World I Cannot See"

Casey Tibbs
Rodeo Champion

Maj. Jay R. Vargas, USMC
Medal of Honor

John Wayne
Legend of the Silver Screen

Buddy Young
Football Hall of Fame

Class of 1971

Leone Baxter
Pioneer of Political Consulting

Norman E. Borlaug, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize for Peace

Norris E. Bradbury, Ph.D.
Nuclear Physics

Herbert C. Brown, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Erwin D. Canham
Christian Science Monitor

Turner Catledge

Leo Cherne
Champion of the Refugees

Hon. Gerald R. Ford
38th President of the United States

Milton Friedman, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Economics

Walker Hancock
National Medal of Arts

Leon Jaworski
Law and Public Service

Louis I. Kahn

H. Gobind Khorana, M.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Willem J. Kolff, M.D.
Inventor, the Artificial Kidney

J. Willard Marriott
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

James A. Michener
Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

Lloyd N. Morrisett, Jr., Ph.D.
Co-Creator, Sesame Street

Alexander Sachs
Nuclear Research

Irving Stone
Best-Selling Author

Earl W. Sutherland, Jr., M.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Lowell Thomas
Newscaster, Author, and Explorer

Edward Villella

Jane C. Wright, M.D.
Cancer Researcher and Surgeon

Class of 1972

Maurice Abravanel
National Medal of Arts

Hon. H. Roe Bartle
"Mr. Kansas City"

Frank Capra
Motion Picture Direction

Edward E. Carlson
Aviation and Hotels

Frederick C. Crawford
Aviation Hall of Fame

George S. Eccles
Banker and Philanthropist

Marriner Stoddard Eccles
Former Chairman, Federal Reserve Board

Phil Esposito
Hockey Hall of Fame

Peter Graves
"Mission Impossible" Series

Helen Hayes
Film and Stage Actress

Howard P. House, M.D.
Pioneering Otolaryngologist

Robert Trent Jones, Sr.
Golf Course Architect

William (Bill) P. Lear
Inventor and Entrepreneur

Akio Morita
President, Sony Corporation

Charles Stewart Mott
Automotive Pioneer

George E. Mueller, Ph.D.
"Father of the Space Shuttle"

Elmer Rasmuson
Banker and Civic Leader

Willard F. (Al) Rockwell, Jr.
Aerospace Conglomerate

Anthony T. Rossi
Founder, Tropicana Products

Rosalind Russell
Actress and Humanitarian

Harold Schafer

Glenn T. Seaborg, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Maj. Alexander P. de Seversky, USAF
Aviation Hall of Fame

Albert Starr, M.D.
Heart Surgeon and Inventor

W. Clement Stone

N. Eldon Tanner

Lord Roy Thomson, Baron of Fleet Street
Newspaper Publishing

William Thayer Tutt
Sports Ambassador

John H. Williams
Energy Infrastructure

Class of 1973

Neil Armstrong
First Man on the Moon

Hon. Howard Baker
United States Senator

Manson Benedict, Ph.D.
Nuclear Engineering

Edward N. Cole
President, General Motors

Curt Gowdy

Sir Edmund Hillary
Conqueror of Mt. Everest

James A. Jensen

Col. James H. Kasler, USAF
Extraordinary Heroism

Jill Kinmont
Inspiration to the Handicapped

Ray A. Kroc
McDonald's Restaurants

Tenzing Norgay
First Man to Stand Atop Mt. Everest

Hugh O'Brian

Mary G. Roebling

Eric Sloane

Carl Spielvogel
Marketing and Communications

Bart Starr
Super Bowl Champion Quarterback

Richard L. Strout
Pulitzer Prize for Lifetime Achievement

John E. Swearingen
Petroleum Industry

A. Alfred Taubman
Real Estate Development

Howard S. Turner, Ph.D.

Jonathan Winters

Class of 1974

Robert Anderson
Industrial Management

Paul Anka
Singer and Composer

Gen. George S. Brown, USAF
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Richard M. Devos
Co-Founder, Amway

Lee A. DuBridge, Ph.D.
President Emeritus of Cal Tech

Jack Eckerd

Henry Eyring, Ph.D.
National Medal of Science

James C. Fletcher, Ph.D.
Administrator of NASA

Paul J. Flory, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Malcolm S. Forbes
Magazine Publishing

J.B. Fuqua
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Lorne Greene

Ernest W. Hahn
Shopping Center Development

John Havlicek
Champion of the Boston Celtics

Cloris Leachman
Oscar and Emmy Awards

Harold B. Lee

Mervyn LeRoy
Producer, "The Wizard of Oz"

Harry A. Merlo, Sr.
Timber Industry

Patrick B. Oliphant
Pulitzer Prize Political Cartoonist

Nathan Shapell
Homebuilder and Philanthropist

James Stewart
Legendary Film Actor

Koong-Kai "K.K." Tse
American International Group

Jack Valenti
Entertainment Executive

Eugene P. Wigner, D.Sc.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Brig. Gen. Chuck Yeager, USAF
First Man to Break the Sound Barrier

Class of 1975

Carl D. Anderson, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Isaac Asimov, Ph.D.
Science Writer

Rick Barry
Captain, NBA Champions

Ray Charles
Musician and Vocalist

Hon. Tom C. Clark
Supreme Court of the United States

Hugh F. Culverhouse, Sr.
Entrepreneur and Sportsman

Bob Griese
Super Bowl Champion Quarterback

David W. Hartman, M.D.
First Blind Medical School Graduate

Maurice R. Hilleman, Ph.D.
National Medal of Science

Anton (Tony) Hulman, Jr.
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

John Kenneth Jamieson
International Industrialist

Jack LaLanne
Physical Fitness Entrepreneur

Herman W. Lay
Food Retailing

Art Linkletter
Television Producer

Willie Mays
Baseball Hall of Fame

Edward N. Ney
Advertising Hall of Fame

George Pal
Science Fiction Filmmaking

George E. Palade, M.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Ruth Patrick, Ph.D.

Carl Sagan, Ph.D.
Astronomy and Literature

Col. Harland Sanders
Founder, Kentucky Fried Chicken

Harold G. Scheie, M.D.
Pioneering Ophthalmologist

Chris Schenkel
Emmy for Lifetime Achievement

Chesterfield Smith

Paul H. Smucker
Food Retailing

Wernher von Braun, Ph.D.
Rocket Engineer

Hon. Caspar W. Weinberger
Law and Public Service

Edwin C. Whitehead
Medical Entrepreneur

Charles B. (Bud) Wilkinson
Football Hall of Fame

Class of 1976

Tenley Albright, M.D.
Surgeon and Olympic Champion

Joe L. Allbritton
Media and Banking

Stephen D. Bechtel, Sr.
International Construction

William Bernbach

Gen. Daniel (Chappie) James, Jr., USAF
Military Service

Helen K. Copley
Newspaper Publishing

John D. DeButts
Chairman, AT&T

Will and Ariel Durant
Pulitzer Prize for History

Gen. Alexander Haig, Jr., USA
Soldier and Statesman

Sir Godfrey N. Hounsfield
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Hon. Shirley Hufstedler
Law and Public Service

Donald C. Johanson, Ph.D.
Discoverer of Lucy

John Cardinal Krol

Lt. Thomas R. Norris, USNR
Medal of Honor

Donny and Marie Osmond
Television and Music

Robert B. Pamplin
Industrialist and Philanthropist

Jonas Salk, M.D.
Developer of the Polio Vaccine

Allan R. Sandage, Ph.D.

Hans Selye, M.D., Ph.D.
Father of Biological Stress Research

L.S. Skaggs
Retailer and Philanthropist

Maj. Gen. Thomas P. Stafford, USAF
Commander, Apollo-Soyuz Mission

Roger Staubach
Super Bowl Champion Quarterback

Adm. James B. Stockdale, USN
Medal of Honor

Maj. Gen. Leigh Wade, USAF
Aviation Hall of Fame

John Wooden
Basketball Hall of Fame