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Academy of Achievement: Golden Plate Recipients 1977-1992
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The Golden Plate Award is presented annually since 1961 by the Academy of Achievement to approximately 25 guests of honor at the International Achievement Summit.

Chosen by the Academy's Awards Council and other distinguished authorities, these men and women of exceptional accomplishment in the sciences, professions, business, industry, arts, literature, sports, entertainment, and public service are acclaimed ... not as winners, but as "representatives of the many who excel."

This page presents a selected list of honorees from the years 1977 through 1992. Honorees from other years can be found at the links below, along with a Summary of Golden Plate Recipients grouped by decade and field of endeavor.

Selected Honorees: 1961 - 1976
Selected Honorees: 1993 - 2007
Complete List of Honorees: 2008 - 2012
Summary of Golden Plate Recipients

Class of 1977

Hank Aaron
All-Time Home Run King

Raymond P. Ahlquist, Ph.D.
Discoverer, Alpha and Beta Receptors

Paul Anderson
Inspirational Olympic Champion

Edward Asner

J. Paul Austin
The Coca-Cola Company

Nicholas F. Brady
Finance and Public Service

Curtis Leroy Carlson

John Chancellor
Broadcast Journalism

W. Graham Claytor, Jr.
Business and Public Service

Howard Cosell

Lt. Gen. Jimmy Doolittle, USAF
Medal of Honor

R. Buckminster Fuller
Inventor of the Geodesic Dome

Alex Haley
Author of "Roots"

Peter Kiewit
International Construction

Spencer W. Kimball

John D. MacArthur
Insurance Entrepreneur

Jeffrey K. MacNelly
Pulitzer Prize Editorial Cartoonist

Robert Moses
"Master Builder"

Sir Yue-Kong Pao
Global Shipping Empire

Roy Richards, Sr.
Manufacturer and Philanthropist

Gen. Dan Shomron
Israeli Hero of the Entebbe Rescue

Judge John J. Sirica
Watergate Trial Judge

Samuel C.C. Ting, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize for Physics

Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan Maguire
Nobel Prize for Peace

Gen. Louis H. Wilson, Jr., USMC
Commandant, U.S. Marine Corps

Stevie Wonder
Music's "Wonder Man"

Rosalyn S. Yalow, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Class of 1978

Philip W. Anderson, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Erma Bombeck
Humorist and Best-selling Author

Debby Boone
"You Light Up My Life"

Gen. Omar N. Bradley, USA
America's Only Five-Star General

Steve Cauthen
Horse Racing's "Boy Wonder"

Clark M. Clifford
Lawyer and Presidential Advisor

Olivia de Havilland
Two Oscars for Best Actress

J. Robert Fluor
International Construction

Senator Wendell H. Ford
Government Service

Armand Hammer, M.D.

Gordie Howe
Hockey's Legend

Howard Jarvis
"Mr. Proposition 13"

Carl H. Lindner
Financier and Investor

Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr.
History-making Trial Judge

Tom Landry
Football Coach

Sean MacBride
Nobel Prize for Peace

Colleen McCullough
Author of "The Thorn Birds"

George P. Mitchell
Energy and Development

Andrew V. Schally, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
Pulitzer Prize for History

Adm. Stansfield Turner, USN
Director of Central Intelligence

Judge William H. Webster
Director of the FBI

Col. Ulrich Wegener
Commando Rescue of 86 Hostages

Class of 1979

Paul (Bear) Bryant
Collegiate Football Coach

Joni Eareckson
Inspiring Victory Over Quadriplegia

Henry Fonda
Motion Picture Legend

Christopher B. Hemmeter
Hawaii Resort Developer

Gerald D. Hines
Real Estate Development

Ray L. Hunt
Energy and Development

Gen. David C. Jones, USAF
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Henry S. Kaplan, M.D.
Radiation Oncologist

Donald M. Kendall
International Industrialist

Guy Lafleur
Hockey Hall of Fame

Louis L'Amour
Western Novelist

Russell M. Nelson, M.D.
Surgeon and Civic Leader

Linus Pauling, Ph.D.
Double Recipient of Nobel Prize

Arno A. Penzias, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Jay A. Pritzker
Finance and Hotels

Dee Glen Smith
Retailer and Philanthropist

Patrick C. Steptoe, M.D.
Creator, World's First Test Tube Baby

C. Y. Tung
World's Largest Shipowner

Naomi Uemura
Adventurer and Explorer

Class of 1980

Paul N. "Red" Adair
"Tamer of Wild Oil Well Fires"

Robert O. Anderson
Founder, Atlantic Richfield Oil Co.

Winton M. Blount
International Construction

Gov. John Y. Brown, Jr.
Entrepreneur and Sportsman

Hon. Benjamin R. Civiletti
U.S. Attorney General

A.W. (Tom) Clausen
Bank of America

Carl Djerassi, Ph.D.
National Medal of Science

Clint Eastwood
Motion Picture Production

Sheldon Lee Glashow, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Jesse Greenstein, Ph.D.
and Maarten Schmidt, Ph.D.
Astronomy Gold Medal

Elwood V. Jensen, Ph.D.
Discoverer, Estrogen Receptors

Mary Kay
Queen of Cosmetics

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D.
"On Death and Dying"

Norman Lear
Television Producer

Theodore H. Maiman, Ph.D.
Inventor of the Laser

Hans M. Mark, Ph.D.
Aerospace Engineering

Eugene L. Roberts, Jr.
Newspaper Editor

Gen. Bernard W. Rogers, USA
NATO's Supreme Allied Commander

Charles M. Schulz
Cartoonist - Creator of "Snoopy"

Donald R. Seawell
Publisher and Civic Leader

Roger W. Sperry, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Amb. Kenneth D. Taylor
"The Great Escape" from Iran

R. David Thomas
Founder, Wendy's International

Cicely Tyson

Lawrence Welk

Henry Winkler

Don Wright
Pulitzer Prize Editorial Cartoonist

Class of 1981

Jay Van Andel
Co-Founder, Amway

Gen. Robert H. Barrow, USMC
Commandant, U.S. Marine Corps

Herbert W. Boyer, Ph.D.
Pioneering Research in Gene Splicing

Gov. LeRoy Collins
Voice for Civil Rights

William K. Coors
Brewer and Civic Leader

Trammell Crow
Real Estate Development

Sen. Sam Ervin, Jr.
Lawyer, Jurist, Legislator and Patriot

Val L. Fitch, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Emil Frei III, M.D.
Cancer Research

Larry Hagman
Television Series

William R. Hewlett
Co-Founder, Hewlett-Packard Co.

Hanna H. Gray, Ph.D.
President, University of Chicago

Carl Hubbell
Baseball Hall of Fame

Amb. L. Bruce Laingen
Leader of American Hostages in Iran

Philip Leder, M.D.
Molecular Genetics

Lien Ying Chow
Singapore Banking Tycoon

Timothy J. McCarthy
Hero of Assassination Attempt on Reagan

Edmund Morris
Pulitzer Prize for Biography

James F. Neal

Jim Plunkett
Super Bowl Champion Quarterback

James W. Rouse
Real Estate Development

Phillip A. Sharp, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Adm. Alan B. Shepard, Jr., USN
First American to Journey Into Space

Herschel Walker
Heisman Trophy Winner

Doak Walker and Bobby Layne
Legendary Football Heroes

Frank H. Westheimer, Ph.D.
National Medal of Science

Fred L. Whipple, Ph.D.
Astronomy Gold Medal

Class of 1982

Ted J. Balestreri
Restaurateur and Developer

Arnold O. Beckman, Ph.D.
Inventor and Entrepreneur

Nolan K. Bushnell
Computer Game Pioneer

Chung Ju Yung
International Construction

Marva N. Collins
Teacher Extraordinaire

Brig. Gen. James L. Dozier, USA
Hero of Rescue from Terrorists

Col. C. Gordon Fullerton, USAF
"Columbia" Space Shuttle Pilot

Stephen Jay Gould, Ph.D.
Author and Evolutionary Theorist

Wayne Gretzky
Hockey's Scoring Champion

Adm. Bobby R. Inman, USN
National Security

Steven P. Jobs
Co-Founder, Apple Computer

Leon M. Lederman, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Reuben and Rose Mattus
Founders, Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Co.

Paul MacCready, Ph.D.
Human and Solar-Powered Flight

William G. McGowan
Founder, MCI Communications

Roger Milliken
Textile Industrialist

Marvin Minsky, Ph.D.
Artificial Intelligence

Allen H. Neuharth
Newspaper Publishing

O. Wayne Rollins
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Dean E. Smith
Legendary Basketball Coach

George D. Snell, Sc.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

James LeVoy Sorenson
Medical Entrepreneur

Gen. John W. Vessey, Jr., USA
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Class of 1983

Gen. Lew Allen, Jr., USAF
Technology and National Security

Hobart (Hobie) Alter
"Father of the Surfing Industry"

Gene Autry
Entertainment and Broadcasting

Jerry H. Buss, Ph.D.
Owner, Los Angeles Lakers

Sister Antonia Brenner
"The Prison Is My Convent"

Irving S. Cooper, M.D., Ph.D.

William C. DeVries, M.D.
Artificial Heart Surgeon

John Forsythe

Fung King Hey
Banking, Development and Securities

Rear Adm. Grace Murray Hopper, USN
Computer Revolution Pioneer

David H. Hubel, M.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Robert K. Jarvik, M.D.
Developer, the Artificial Heart

Howard W. Jones, Jr., M.D. and
Georgeanna Seegar Jones, M.D.
Reproductive Medicine

John W. Kluge
Broadcasting Entrepreneur

Amb. Sol. M. Linowitz
Presidential Medal of Freedom

Robert K. Massie
Pulitzer Prize for Biography

Robert S. Mulliken, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Joe Paterno
Collegiate Football

Ross Perot, Jr.
First Global Helicopter Flight

Robert A. Pritzker
Industrialist and Philanthropist

Hon. Donald H. Rumsfeld
Business and Public Service

Arthur L. Schawlow, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Hon. William French Smith
U.S. Attorney General

Thomas E. Starzl, M.D., Ph.D.
Pioneer of Organ Transplantation

Joe Theismann
Super Bowl Champion Quarterback

Kenneth G. Wilson, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Amb. Andrew Young
Champion of Civil Rights

Class of 1984

Ernest L. Boyer, Ph.D.

Philip Caldwell
Chairman, Ford Motor Company

Hon. Jimmy Carter
39th President of the United States

Mildred Cohn, Ph.D.
National Medal of Science

Karl Eller
Media Entrepreneur

Thomas F. Frist, Jr., M.D.
Health Care Industry

J. Peter Grace

Franco Harris
NFL's "Player of the Decade"

Douglas R. Hofstadter, Ph.D.
Pulitzer Prize for Non-Fiction

Robert Hofstadter, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Carl C. Icahn

Quincy Jones
Musical Impresario

Burton M. Joseph
Agricultural Exporting

Amb. Max M. Kampelman
International Statesman

Judge Amalya L. Kearse
Federal Appeals Court Pioneer

General P.X. Kelley, USMC
Commandant, U.S. Marine Corps

Samuel J. LeFrak
Real Estate Development

Thomas S. Monaghan
Founder, Domino's Pizza

Vernon B. Mountcastle, M.D.
"Father of Neuroscience"

Roy H. Park
Media Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

T. Boone Pickens, Jr.
Oil Industry Entrepreneur

Carl R. Pohlad
Investor and Banker

Brooks Robinson
Baseball Hall of Fame

Carlo Rubbia, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Howard Schnellenberger
Collegiate Football

Irwin I. Shapiro, Ph.D.
Astrophysics and Radio Astronomy

John Travolta
Trend-Setting Motion Picture Actor

Robert Edward "Ted" Turner
Cable Television Pioneer

Chien-Shiung Wu, Ph.D.
"First Lady of Physics"

Class of 1985

Mortimer J. Adler, Ph.D.
Philosopher and Author

Amb. Walter H. Annenberg
Publishing and Public Service

Philip F. Anschutz
Oil, Railroads, and Fiber Optics

Betty Ford
Distinguished Volunteer Service

Robert C. Gallo, M.D.
Co-Discoverer, HIV

Robert W. Galvin

Edward L. Gaylord
Media Entrepreneur

Gordon P. Getty
Patron of the Arts

Roberto C. Goizueta
The Coca-Cola Company

Maurice Goldhaber, Ph.D.
National Medal of Science

Gen. Andrew J. Goodpaster, USA
Presidential Medal of Freedom

Cecil H. Green
Co-Founder, Texas Instruments

Henry J. Heimlich, M.D.
"The Heimlich Maneuver"

Samuel J. Heyman
Investor and Philanthropist

David A. Jones
Chairman and Co-Founder, Humana

Mitchell D. Kapor
Computer Software Pioneer

Donald E. Knuth, Ph.D.
National Medal of Science

George Kozmetsky, Ph.D.
Technology Entrepreneur

David McCullough
Pulitzer Prize for Biography

R. Bruce Merrifield, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Michael R. Milken
Financier and Philanthropist

Robert Mondavi
Robert Mondavi Winery

William Wilson Morgan, Ph.D.

Romulo O'Farrill, Jr.
Founder of Televisa

Allen E. Paulson
Aviation Industry

Wolfgang Puck
Culinary Revolution

Mary Lou Retton
Gold Medal Gymnast

Roger R. Revelle, Ph.D.
Oceanography and Education

Donald W. Reynolds
Newspaper Publishing

Lionel Richie
Singer and Musician

Fritz Scholder
New American Indian Art Movement

Laszlo N. Tauber, M.D.
Surgeon, Developer and Philanthropist

Elizabeth Taylor
Two Oscars for Best Actress

Johannes von Thurn und Taxis
Bavarian Industrialist

Robert A. Weinberg, Ph.D.
National Medal of Science

Class of 1986

Muhammad Ali
Boxing Champion of the World

Jean M. Auel
Best-Selling Author

David Baltimore, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Daniel Boorstin, J.S.D.
The Librarian of Congress

Michael S. Brown, M.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D.
Founder of "Aerobics"

Capt. Robert L. Crippen, USN
First Space Shuttle Pilot

Admiral William J. Crowe, USN
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Freeman Dyson, Ph.D.
Theoretical Physicist and Author

Larry Forgione
Master of American Cuisine

Joseph L. Goldstein, M.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Michael Graves
Architecture Gold Medal

Herbert A. Hauptman, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Roy M. Huffington
Oil and Natural Gas Exploration

Vincent (Bo) Jackson
Heisman Trophy Winner

John H. Johnson
Founder, Ebony Magazine

Jerome Karle, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Amb. Clare Boothe Luce
Author and Diplomat

Loretta Lynn
Legend of Country Music

J.W. (Bill) Marriott, Jr.
International Hospitality Empire

Ruben F. Mettler, Ph.D.
Aerospace Industry

Emil (Bus) Mosbacher, Jr.
Yachtsman and Businessman

Amb. Paul H. Nitze
Arms Control Advisor

Marsha Norman
Pulitzer Prize for Drama

Joseph Papp
Theatrical Producer

Donald E. Petersen
Chairman, Ford Motor Company

Leontyne Price
National Medal of Arts

Isidor Isaac Rabi, Ph.D., Sc.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Robert Rauschenberg
Internationally Honored Artist

Arthur M. Sackler, M.D.
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Hon. William E. Simon
Business and Public Service

Solomon H. Snyder, M.D.
Neuroscience and Pharmacology

Steven Spielberg
Master Filmmaker

Robert A. Swanson
Biotechnology Revolution

Gloria Vanderbilt
Designer, Artist, and Author

Klaus Von Klitzing, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Hon. Vernon A. Walters
Ambassador to the United Nations

James D. Watson, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

John C. Whitehead
Financier and Statesman

Robert Rathbun Wilson, Ph.D.
National Medal of Science

Herman Wouk
Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

Class of 1987

John L. Ashbery
Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

John Bardeen, Ph.D.
Two Nobel Prizes in Physics

A. James Clark
Construction and Engineering

Francis H.C. Crick, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Suzanne Farrell
Ballerina Extraordinaire

Paul Fireman
Founder, Reebok International

Sen. Barry M. Goldwater
Presidential Medal of Freedom

Jane Goodall, Ph.D.
Renowned Primate Researcher

Stephen D. Hassenfeld
Toy Industry Entrepreneur

Jim Henson
Creator of "The Muppets"

Dudley R. Herschbach, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Leroy Hood, M.D., Ph.D.
Molecular Biology

Eugene V. Klein
Entrepreneur and Sportsman

Henry R. Kravis
Financier and Philanthropist

Yuan T. Lee, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Reinhold Messner
Greatest Mountaineer on Earth

Luc Montagnier, M.D.
Discoverer of AIDS Virus

Hon. Sandra Day O'Connor
Supreme Court of the United States

Lloyd Richards
Dean, Yale School of Drama

Burton Richter, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Alice M. Rivlin, Ph.D.
Economic Studies

David M. Robinson
Basketball Player of the Year

Daniel Rose
Real Estate Development

Henry Rosovsky, Ph.D.
Education and Economics

Burt Rutan
Designer of the Voyager

Diane Sawyer
Broadcast Journalism

Julian Schwinger, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Wayne Thiebaud
Gifted Realist Artist

Gordon R. Willey, Ph.D.
Dean of New World Archaeology

Robert W. Wilson, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Samuel Zell
Investor and Philanthropist

Class of 1988

Roy Acuff
The King of Country Music

Robert McC. Adams, Ph.D.
Secretary, Smithsonian Institution

Bernard Bailyn, Ph.D.
Pulitzer Prize for History

Benjamin C. Bradlee
The Washington Post

Susan Butcher
Champion of the Iditarod

Sarah Cannon (Minnie Pearl)
Country Music Hall of Fame

Johnny Cash
Country Music Legend

Wendell Castle
Craft Furniture

Tom Clancy
Best-selling Author

Donald J. Cram, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

E. L. Doctorow
American Book Award

Michael Douglas
Oscar for "Best Actor"

Ahmet M. Ertegun
Music Industry

Julius Erving
Basketball Champion

Alan C. Greenberg
Investment Banking

D. Wayne Lukas
U.S. Racing Hall of Fame

Wynton Marsalis
Pulitzer Prize for Music

Walter Payton
Football Champion

Gen. Colin L. Powell, USA
Soldier and Statesman

George R. Roberts
Leveraged Acquisitions

James Rosenquist
Master of Vast Murals

Steven J. Ross
Entertainment Conglomerate

George B. Schaller, Ph.D.
Legendary Field Zoologist

Richard E. Schultes, Ph.D.
Legendary Ethnobotanist

Lt. Gen. Brent Scowcroft, USAF
Presidential Medal of Freedom

Judge William S. Sessions
Director of the FBI

Melvin Simon
Shopping Center Development

James A. Van Allen, Ph.D.
Discoverer of the Magnetosphere

Allan C. Wilson, Ph.D.
Evolutionary Genetics

August Wilson
Pulitzer Prize for Drama

Edward O. Wilson, Ph.D.
Pulitzer Prize for Nonfiction

Stanley R. Zax
Insurance Industry

Class of 1989

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Basketball Scoring Champion

Amb. Anne L. Armstrong
Presidential Medal of Freedom

Paul Berg, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Tom Brokaw
NBC "Nightly News"

Lester Crown
Investor and Philanthropist

Johann Deisenhofer, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Gertrude B. Elion
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Ernest and Julio Gallo
Founders, E.&J. Gallo Winery

David P. Gardner, Ph.D.
President, University of California

Donald A. Glaser, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Vartan Gregorian, Ph.D.

Walter A. Haas, Jr.
Levi Strauss & Co.

William Hanna and Joseph R. Barbera
Animation Pioneers

George H. Hitchings, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Philip H. Knight
Co-Founder and Chairman, Nike, Inc.

Ralph Lauren
Fashion and Design

George Lucas
Motion Picture Production

Henry Mancini
70 Grammy Nominations

Arthur Mitchell
Dance Theatre of Harlem

Craig O. McCaw
Cellular Communications

Hon. Robert A. Mosbacher
U.S. Secretary of Commerce

Howard Nemerov
Poet Laureate of the United States

Mike Nichols
Motion Picture and Stage Director

Arthur Rock
Venture Capitalist

Melvin Schwartz, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Tom Selleck

Dinah Shore

Beverly Sills

Bill Walsh
Football Coach of the Year

Oprah Winfrey
Talk Show Host and Actress

Stephen A. Wynn
Gaming Industry

Class of 1990

Maya Angelou
Poet and Historian

Robert D. Ballard, Ph.D.
Undersea Exploration

Étienne-Émile Baulieu, M.D.

Joseph Cardinal Bernardin

Thomas R. Cech, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Hans G. Dehmelt, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Bob Feller
Baseball Hall of Fame

Gordon Gund
Investor and Philanthropist

Hal Holbrook
Stage, Screen and Television

Lou Holtz
Collegiate Football

Chuck Jones
Animation Pioneer

Michael Jordan
Basketball's "Most Valuable Player"

Thomas N. Jordan, Jr.
Entrepreneur and Vintner

Donald Kennedy, Ph.D.
President, Stanford University

Jim Lehrer
Broadcast Journalism

Theodore N. Lerner
Real Estate Development

Peter Martins
New York City Ballet

Ralph Nader
Consumer Crusader

Roger S. Penske
Auto Racing and Business

Robert W. Pittman
Creator of MTV

Norman F. Ramsey, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Hon. Ronald W. Reagan
40th President of the United States

Jerry M. Reinsdorf
Investor and Sportsman

Edward S. (Ted) Rogers, Jr.
Telecommunications Entrepreneur

Pete Rozelle
National Football League

Marvin Schwan
Food Distribution

Neil Sheehan
Pulitzer Prize for Nonfiction

Sidney Sheldon
Best-selling Novelist

Gene Siskel
Film Critic

Scott Turow
Law and Literature

Harold E. Varmus, M.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Dennis R. Washington
Construction and Railroads

Faye Wattleton
Healthcare and Civil Rights

Leslie H. Wexner
Retailing and Fashion

Class of 1991

Hon. Warren E. Burger
Supreme Court of the United States

Ken Burns
Documentary Classics

Elias J. Corey, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Oscar De La Renta
Fashion Design

Alan M. Dershowitz
Criminal Law

Sylvia A. Earle, Ph.D.
Undersea Exploration

Donald G. Fisher
Founder, the Gap, Inc.

Jerome I. Friedman, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.
Chairman & CEO, IBM

Dizzy Gillespie
Master Trumpeter

Audrey Hepburn
Film Actress and Ambassador

H. Wayne Huizenga
Entrepreneur and Sportsman

Philip C. Johnson
Design and Architecture

Hon. Jack Kemp
Sports and Public Service

Darci Kistler
New York City Ballet

Calvin Klein
Fashion Design

Susan Lucci

Peter Matthiessen
Naturalist and Novelist

James Merrill
Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

Joseph E. Murray, M.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Javier Perez De Cuellar
Secretary-General of the United Nations

Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, USA
Commander, Operation Desert Storm

Martin Scorsese
Master Filmmaker

Walter Scott, Jr.
Construction and Engineering

Walter H. Shorenstein
Real Estate Development

Wallace Stegner
Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

Richard E. Taylor, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Physics

Clyde W. Tombaugh
Discoverer of Planet Pluto

Barbara Walters
Broadcast Journalism

Class of 1992

James H. Billington, Ph.D.
The Librarian of Congress

Bonnie Blair
Olympic Champion Speed Skater

Richard Branson
Virgin Group of Companies

Lodwrick M. Cook
Industrialist and Civic Leader

Kevin Costner
Movie Picture Production

Michael Crichton, M.D.
Best-selling Author

Barry Diller
Entertainment Entrepreneur

Robert M. Gates
Director of Central Intelligence

William H. Gates III
Founder, Microsoft Corporation

Phyllis E. Grann
Book Publishing

R. Earl Holding
Petroleum and Development

Judith Jamison
Alvin Ailey Dance Theater

Arthur Kornberg, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize in Medicine

Judith Leiber
Designer and Entrepreneur

Peter A. Magowan
Entrepreneur and Sportsman

Walter E. Massey, Ph.D.
Science and Education

Jessye Norman

Antonia C. Novello, M.D.
U.S. Surgeon General

Dolly Parton

William N. Pennington
Gaming Industry Pioneer

Richard E. Rainwater

Steven A. Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D.
National Cancer Institute

Joan A. Steitz, Ph.D.
National Medal of Science

Edward C. Stone, Ph.D.
Interplanetary Exploration

Oliver Stone
Motion Picture Production

Barbra Streisand
Singer, Actress and Director

Mona Van Duyn
Poet Laureate of the United States