You cope better, I would say, with experience. At the beginning, you’re scared because you don’t have the experience.  But you have a little bit the energy of youth, and from time to time the capacity — when you’re young — to forget what happened the day before and look at the day coming after, so that helps you overcome anxiety, but you’re affected by it.  But with time, with experience, you learn how to make these things — you position them, in a way, where they’re not as important as they appear to you when you’re younger. There are more important things in life, and with experience you can position them in a much better way, so I would say putting them in relative order — putting them in priorities, looking back at the past, and trying to see what happens in similar experiences — alleviate the anxiety and alleviate the pressure. You get more wisdom.  In a certain way it helps you — it helps you soften a little bit this anxiety. At the same time, I think this is dangerous, because if you soften it too much you may not react as fast and as strongly as you should, but you cope with it. You learn how to cope with it.