Success can be a problem. Yes, it can be a threat. As much as failure is unpleasant, it can be extremely helpful, because if you learn from failure you’re preparing for future success. So when you fail, you have to analyze why you failed and try to learn from it, because you’re going to have other opportunities.  And what counts ultimately is not the failure. It is how many successes you’re going to have in your life, even though you have some failures also. So failure is, in a certain way, a kind of condition for important successes. On the other side, successes can be — even though they are pleasant — they can be dangerous, because in a certain way you may forget what made the success. You may become self-centered, arrogant, and success can prepare for failure if you’re not really watching very carefully what you’re doing. So failure and success, at the same time, are mixed blessings. If you learn from failure it can carry a lot of positives for you. If you get carried away by success, it may prepare big deceptions for the future.