The biggest challenge for the 21st Century is how can you bring people together at the same time and respect their identity. How to make people from different cultures, from different backgrounds, from different languages, different beliefs, come together, work together, change together, at the same time that this change and this working together will never be a threat to their identity. That’s what I think is going to be the major challenge of the 21st Century. If we do this well, it’s a huge opportunity for humankind. And if we don’t do it well, we’re going to have a lot of problems and this is going to be another Dark Age that we’re going to be going through. There are other threats, but this is the major one.

The borders are disappearing. People can communicate. The tools are here. Technology is here. They are attracted to each other, but if society has no respect for difference, there is no respect for identity, the difference is not considered as a source of wealth and a source of enrichment… Well, we’re going to go into a Dark Age for some years, and this century will not be one of the greatest centuries of humankind.

On the contrary, if we can at the same time respect each other’s identity, strengthen your own identity, at the same time learn from people who are different from you, it’s going to be a wonderful period of time where everybody is going to grow and everybody is going to be himself.