Two things. Two words. Aspiration and motivation. With these two words, whatever field you are — politics, business, association, family, personal life — you have to make sure that you understand what are your aspirations. The people who are around you, what are their aspirations? How you can boost these aspirations?  How you can develop these aspirations, and how you can help grow these aspirations, that’s what I call vision, destination, long-term plan, whatever you want to call it.

And the second important point is the motivation. That means there is nothing you can get from anybody, including yourself, if you’re not motivated, if in a certain way you don’t sense ownership, if you don’t share in something, if you don’t embrace something.

So the two most important words that I believe in — and I practice it under different angles in my family life, my professional life, and my personal life — is aspiration and motivation. If one of them is missing, or both of them are missing, you can’t get anything done.  You can’t get anything valuable done. If you can have both of them in a project, 95 percent is going to be successful.