I don’t think I decided exactly what I wanted to do. I decided where I wanted to be. This is the way it came. I was a student in France, and I wanted to come back to Brazil, and particularly I wanted to come back to Rio de Janeiro, which is a city I still love a lot and I appreciate a lot. I was looking for an opportunity after I graduated as an engineer. In fact, I went to Michelin because Michelin had a big project in Brazil, and they were looking for students who had ties with Brazil, spoke Portuguese, knew Brazil, and had a French education. So I was the perfect profile for this, and as this project was in the State of Rio de Janeiro, and not very far from the City of Rio de Janeiro, I decided to go for it. So I wouldn’t say that I was deciding on what to do. I decided basically on where I wanted to go, and this is the way the career started.