I studied engineering and went to Michelin because I wanted to go to Brazil. I ended up going to Brazil, but much later, and then I was very successful in Brazil and I thought that this would keep me in Brazil for a long time. I was wrong, because being successful in Brazil precipitated me moving to the United States, which was a great opportunity for me. At the same time, I was very sad to leave Brazil. When I left Michelin to go to Renault, I was attracted by the car industry. I always had been attracted by the car as a product, and the industry by itself, and I thought I would be staying probably most of my professional life in France. But I ended up staying two years and a half, because all of a sudden this alliance came, and the prospect to work in Tokyo and heading a Japanese company was not something that I had ever dreamed of, or planned for it, or plotted for. It just came, and I had to say yes or no, and when opportunity came I took it, and I ended up spending five years — probably the most exciting professional years of my life — in Japan.