The greatest sense of satisfaction is always about growth. When I say growth, it’s not only the growth of the company. It’s also the growth of people. Your growth, your own growth. I’ve learned a lot in the five years, and that’s what makes me extremely excited about my job. I still learn every day. Seeing people around you doing great things that they were not able to do five years ago, the same people, which means they’ve grown. They have stretched. They are different. They are better. Seeing the company, a better company, much more respected. So growth is the ultimate motivation, whether you’re talking about your personal growth or people around you — the thousands of people who are making the company — and ultimately the company itself, growing in revenue, growing in market capitalization, growing in profits, growing in return on invested capital. All of this is extremely motivating, because ultimately you always want to create value, and you always want to make a difference when it comes to creating value somewhere. Some people create value by being politicians, others by being in a nonprofit association, others in business, but we are all looking for the same thing. We want to make a difference, and we make a difference where value is going to be recognized.