By Sinclair Lewis

Words from the achiever

“The book that had a great impact on me was the book Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis. This described the trials and tribulations of a struggling young medical scientist, Martin Arrowsmith. It described how he went back to the laboratory at night and worked all hours to solve the problems and so forth. It also described his romantic life, his first wife, who was lost to a laboratory accident actually, and his remarriage and so forth. All of this just made a deep impression on me. I empathized with it. I related to Martin Arrowsmith. I saw him as a prototype that I was trying to emulate. One of the great points in Arrowsmith was that he was doing research to advance humanity, to cure disease and so forth. That made an impression also. I was in another field but, in the back of my mind, I had in mind such a possibility too.”

About the book

The biting story of an idealistic doctor’s struggle against ignorant and narrow-minded opposition.