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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact an Honoree of the Academy?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide direct contact information for Honorees of the Academy of Achievement.

How can I tell if an Honoree of the Academy is still living?

When an Honoree of the Academy passes away, we post the date of death under the birth date at the top of the honoree’s Biography page. If no death date is given, you may assume the Honoree is still living.

I would like to use your website as a source in a paper I am writing. How should I credit it in my bibliography?

For citation purposes, the author of the interviews and other materials on this web site is the Academy of Achievement. The URL (web address) of the pages cited should be given, along with the copyright date of the web site and the date on which the quoted page was last revised. This date appears at the bottom right corner of each page. Such usage is consistent with the practice of the Modern Language Association and national library groups.

How do I get permission to use a photo from your website?

Many photographs used on our site are licensed from publishers and stock photography houses such as Getty Images and AP Images. In other cases, photographs are provided through the courtesy of the interview subject. Such photographs are not property of the Academy of Achievement, so permission to reproduce them is not ours to give. If you click on the photograph in question you will be provided with copyright or ownership information on the photograph and may pursue permission from those who are entitled to grant it.

How can I purchase copies of Achievement Television programs?

DVDs of Achievement Television programs can be ordered directly through the Achievement Television area of our web site.

Can we acquire permission to re-broadcast an Achievement Television program?

There are no restrictions regarding rebroadcasting Achievement Television programs, as long as the programs are not edited in any way and are used for educational purposes.

When are Achievement Television programs broadcast on my local channel?

You’ll have to contact your local public television station directly to find out whether they carry Achievement Television.

How can I learn more about the Academy of Achievement?

For more information on the Academy of Achievement, please consult the Brochure and newsletter at our About the Academy page.