The Little Grey Men

By B.B. (Denys Watkins-Pitchford)

Words from the achiever

“There was a little book that we found and my father leafed through it, and he said, ‘Here you are, darling. I think you’ll like this.’ And it was a very small children’s novel called The Little Grey Men, by an English author called B.B. And it was a very simple nature tale of the last four gnomes left on this earth in England. Very much like Watership Down, that kind of big nature study, and it was set in four seasons. It was a terrific adventure story. I swallowed it up. It went out of print, and I subsequently have started my own imprint at Harper Collins and it’s coming out this fall. I’m bringing it back again and I’m absolutely delighted about it. One of our mission statements is to bring back books that are worthy of a revisitation in a way, and this is the first one.”

About the book

Three of the last four gnomes in the world search for their lost brother in this enchanting fantasy of the English countryside.