Roosevelt: The Lion and the Fox

By James MacGregor Burns

Words from the achiever

“When I was in high school, there was a book by James MacGregor Burns, a wonderful historian, called The Lion and the Fox, about FDR. And it was about his personality, his character, his early years in Hyde Park, his polio experience. And I remember that so vividly as the first real, live history book that I love so much. And I later met him and have gotten to know him as a colleague, and he’s about 30 years older than I am, and I couldn’t wait to tell him, “You were the one who made it happen.”

About the book

The authoritative study of Roosevelt’s preparation for and conduct of his first two terms as president, when domestic affairs demanded most of his attention. This remains the definitive book about the most influential American politician of the 20th century, with many penetrating insights into the American political system.