When I was finally selected, made the finals, one of seven, NASA folks said, “Well, now you’d better call your parents and let them know what you’ve been doing, because your name is going to be in the paper tomorrow.” So I called, and mother was delighted. But my father took the attitude, “Well, what is this you’re going to do, son?” Because he could see a deviation in the military career, in which I had been relatively successful up until that point. And even at that age — gosh, I was what? 35 years old then, give or take. And when your old man says, “You’re gonna do what, son?” there is a little pause of reflection. Fortunately, in my case, he lived long enough to see me go to the moon and back. And one evening, we’d had dinner, the ladies had retired, and we were having a drink in front of the fire, and he said, “You remember when I said ‘What are you going to do, son?'” I said, “Yes sir, I certainly do.” And he said, “Well I was wrong.”