Albie Sachs: I was still 21 at the time and we could win cases then.  There was space in the law courts.  And if we lost a case, we would go on appeal.  I got some very good training from experienced attorneys who had been doing cases like this for many years. I enjoyed the cut-and-thrust when I would walk down into the high court with my gown on the little mosaic floors.  Bum, bum, bum, I’d feel my gown flying.  I felt kind of proud, you know, special. You’d go into court, the first year was terrifying.  Terrifying.  The judge would fire a question at you, “But what about this case?” Or that book, or this rule of law, rule of court or that statute.  It never happened, but I was terrified.  After one year I just forgot that fear completely and I enjoyed cross-examining. I enjoyed arguing with the judges. I enjoyed the appeals.