I would try to keep myself going by inventing games, and I would sing songs, a song beginning with “A,” “Always.” “Because,” “Charmaine,” “Daisy,” go through the alphabet. It’s quite an interesting collection of the hit tunes of October 1963. And my favorite was “Always.” “I’ll be living here always. Year after year, always. In this little cell, that I know so well, I’ll be living swell, always, always.” And I would sort of waltz around, singing to myself and be amused with the fact that this Irving Berlin song– picked up by Noel Coward, who wrote comedies of upper middle class manners — was keeping alive the spirit of this freedom fighter in Cape Town. “I’ll be staying in always, keeping up my chin always. Not for but an hour, not for but a week, not for 90 days, but always.” And then it’d be “Because,” and “Charmaine,” and so on. I would try to remember the states in the United States of America. I had two arms then, so I could count on ten fingers, but — and I would begin with all the A’s — and I couldn’t mark down. And I think I got up to about 47 once. I won’t mention the names of the states that I didn’t remember when finally I got out and I looked at the map.