I asked for food at one stage, and I remember them smoking as they gave me the food — and I’m convinced there was something in it, and it emerged afterwards they were using chemicals to break down your resistance. And by early morning, I’m feeling myself getting weaker and weaker and weaker. And my body is fighting my will. So it’s not even them anymore. And they’re working in relays, there were about eight of them, and they’re taking turns, and they can sleep and come back. And the head was a Colonel Swanepoel. “Rooi Rus” (Red Russian) they called him. It’s like he cultivated ugliness. I don’t think how people appear is significant about them at all. But it was as though he liked the fact that he had short, cropped, reddish hair and bloodshot eyes and a thick neck. And heavy ham-fisted hands which he would slam onto the table, and a bellowing voice. And he was notorious. People had died — I knew that — had died under his interrogations. And then, bam, bam, bam, screaming and shouting and start banging the table, then total quiet. And eventually I feel my resistance going.