I say, “Albie, you’ve got to manage your collapse. It’s coming. Your clients had sometimes held out for two, three, four, five days and when they broke, they broke completely.” And so now I’m thinking about it, how I can control. Eventually, early in the morning, I just toppled off the chair. I’m lying on the ground and I see all those shoes coming. And I hear the excited voices, black shoes, brown shoes, and they’re all shuffling around me, and I’m just lying inert, and water comes pouring down on me and my hair gets matted. And I’m lifted up, and these Swanepoel’s heavy fingers pushing open my eyes, pushing them open, I closed them, he pushes them open, I close them, he pushes them open. And eventually I just sit and I collapse again, and the same thing happens a few times, and eventually I just sit and I’m going through my head, I’m going to say something. What am I going to say?