We’d heard about Mozambique — Samora Machel, FRELIMO, the Front for Liberation in Mozambique. They declared independence, June the 25th, 1975. It gave a huge fillip to the struggle in South Africa. People now started using the word viva. “Viva! Viva!” Viva this, that and the other. In South Africa, they took over the Portuguese word, “A luta…” they would say, “…continua,” (the struggle continues) from the Mozambiquan struggle — became used in South Africa, and I wanted to see this country. The minute my foot touched the tarmac of the airport, I knew, this is where I’m going to be happy. It was the light, the vegetation, the people. That separation from a context that you’d grown up in, involuntary, that gets to you. I was back again. I was back in Africa. I was close to my country. The energy. The problems were my problems.