When I was young, I learned to dream. I learned to imagine doing impossible things. I learned to feel that we have just one life that can be very rich. It can be very special, it’s really up to us. I don’t think that’s changed really. The details, the formatting of it, the experiences have changed. I’ve had to rethink a lot of things about happiness. I thought you would just be happy, and then — personal happiness — you’d meet the right person, you fall in love and you just become happy. I thought that everybody who had money would be happy. Poor people are unhappy ’cause they’re short of bread and they can’t go to school and so on. I discovered rich people are unhappy. I discovered you could meet someone you loved very much, you’d been through a lot together, but somehow you weren’t happy together. Life in that sense is a much richer, more nuanced experience, in many ways much more wonderful because it’s not automatic.