Alice Waters: Well, Fanny and I had always had yard sales out in front of the house, and I believe that there are beautiful things to be had at the flea market. I’ve always gone to the flea markets around the world, particularly in France, and brought things home.  At the beginning of Chez Panisse, we used to go to the flea market to buy mismatched silverware that we had in the dining room. We had glasses. We had dishes that we bought. But especially, things like a cast iron pan. All of my cast irons have been purchased from the flea market. And they’re inexpensive. They’re so well made, you know. Whether it’s a belt or whether it’s a dress — I mean to last for 40 years, something that is made well, it’s a gift to me. I love finding them in the flea market. I wish that I could not buy one new thing ever again. I love to go to those second-hand stores.