Alice Waters: A friend of mine, David Goines, was a good friend of a number of people that were printing a small newspaper in San Francisco. It was called the San Francisco Express Times. And so, they would have meetings at our house, and I would be there, sort of listening to their conversations about what they wanted to put in the newspaper.  And then David had this idea: “Why don’t we do a restaurant column?” — and called it “Alice’s Restaurant.” So I would try and find a recipe to be in that part of that column. And it pushed me into asking everybody I knew, “What do you like to eat?” and “Do you have a special recipe that I could use for this column?” I started making these dishes at home and then feeding them to the people that had gathered to work on the newspaper, and they loved what I cooked. So it was kind of a way for me to research about food. At the same time, I was sort of cooking because I was researching for the column and trying out the recipes of friends.