I had a partner, a business partner, who ended up cheating me, as a matter of fact. We had signed some papers to have this business together and I worked many long hours and one day we had a disagreement and I said I wanted to do more writing and he said that my strength was in project management. That was like taking care of clients, doing estimates, going after contractors and collecting bills. Horrible stuff. I’m not good at that. I hate that kind of thing. He said, “That’s your strength. Writing is your weakest skill.” I thought, I can either believe him and just keep doing this… I disagreed with him a little bit more forcefully and I said that I get to decide too, because I’m a partner in this. He said, “No you’re not,” and I said, “What do you mean no, I’m not?” and he said “I never signed the papers.” At that point I said I was quitting and he said “You can’t quit. I’m firing you.” I said, “Go ahead. Fire me.” You know, this is my adversity, this is a low point in my life. He said, “So what do you think you’re going to do?” I said “I’m going to freelance write.” He said, “Oh, fat chance. You’ll be lucky if you make a dime.”