Andrew Lloyd Webber: I come from a musical family. My father was the director of Music of the London College of Music, and he was the senior, I suppose you might call, lecturer in composition, music composition, of the Royal College of Music. And my mother was a piano teacher who really specialized in teaching very young children. So, music was around me all the time. My brother, of course, was a leading concert cellist, and possibly was one time Britain’s most pianist. And so, the family was all music. But I was the one who didn’t really go for what’s called classical music, although I mean it was all around me all the time. I was the one who brought rock and pop, and of course, theater into my family. I had an aunt who was an actress, and possibly the theatrical side came from her. I was taken to musicals and opera when I was very, very small, and really, by the time I was seven or eight, even really as young as that, theater had grabbed me, and musical theater had grabbed me.