Andrew Lloyd Webber: I certainly wrote to him and said he had a gift for melody. And I very much wanted to meet him. But, in fact, I didn’t meet him until I had written Jesus Christ Superstar, and it had become quite a big hit here on record at that time. Well, actually, it was getting very big in 1970. And he was apparently very keen to meet me too. So we did meet. He talked a lot actually about Jesus Christ Superstar, which I didn’t want to talk about at all. He was interested in whether or not I thought that writing what you might call through-written or through-composed musical, where there wasn’t any dialogue, which is really opera, whether you like it in another word, was going to be the new way through and whether the musicals with book scripts were something that was going to disappear. Because I suppose Jesus Christ Superstar was one of the first, it was more or less the first musical of its kind where there wasn’t any spoken dialogue. And I was very much, it pains to say to him that I always think everything is horses for courses. I mean, yes, I suppose probably my most famous shows are more or less completely through-written and through-composed because I like writing that way, because it means that as a composer I’m in control of the dramatic arc of the evening, and the music is driving it along with the story. But, look, I just did School of Rock, and School of Rock is something that absolutely has to have a script because the tempo of the whole thing is to be driven with dialogue as well as music. So there is no rule. But that’s what we talked about. But I didn’t get from him what I really wanted to get out of him, which was how his personality as a musician completely changed when he was writing with Hammerstein compared to his early years when he was writing with Lawrence Hart. I mean, you can see a little bit of the Rodgers you find in Hammerstein occasionally in the work that he did with Hart, but it’s like two different people. And that’s what I wanted to ask him, and he kept on asking me about Jesus Christ Superstar.