Andrew Lloyd Webber: In my case, my parents rather gave up on me. They knew I was sort of really doing my own way and finding my own path. And I think, and possibly wisely, my father was not really very keen for me to be too formally musically educated. There was a time… I got what’s called a… it’s difficult to explain, but it’s called a demi-ship to Magdalen College, Oxford, in History. And I met Tim Rice by that point, so I decided really not to take it up, which the family had thought obviously was a pretty odd and weird thing to do. I suppose you could call it a scholarship or an exhibition to Oxford. They thought that was not a bit weird. But my dad didn’t. And he knew that I would really do what I wanted to do. And I met Tim Rice by that point. He was five years older than me, and when you’re 17, which I was then, and Tim was 21, that’s a big age gap. And I was very worried that I might lose Tim Rice, and he might go off and do other things because he had other… he was working at EMI records at that point, and he could have well gone off and really had a career away from me.