Andrew Lloyd Webber: Anything to do with musical theater, which is really what I do, I mean, you can write melodies in isolation. Yes, of course, one can think of them any time; they can come in the middle… I can think of one in the middle of this interview. But really, with musicals, everything starts and finishes with a story. I am a firm believer that a great musical score can’t carry a bad story. Whereas a really great story can carry an okay musical score. A really great example of a great story carrying, well, not carrying, but serviced by a fantastic score, would be Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story. Or if you want to go Shakespeare, Hamlet, the Lion King, because the Lion King is really the story of Hamlet. And those are all great stories. And in my case, I found that I’d done certain musicals where perhaps the story isn’t really strong enough, and no matter what I had written, I think that the musical would never really have been as successful as it would have been if it had been a great story.