I see myself working on two fronts simultaneously. One is within the profession, towards professional development training, and the other is with consumers. I feel comfortable in both of those worlds. However, I think maintaining a balance between them is delicate. There are a lot of physicians out there who are very popular with consumers, who have no credibility with the profession. I think I’ve been able to walk in both worlds, and I will continue to try to do that. I feel that both of those worlds are necessary, because without the consumer movement none of this would be happening. It is consumer demand which is forcing change within the medical profession right now. And to have that go in a responsible direction is important. And I think that my voice is very much listened to as a source of information that’s seen as being trustworthy, neutral. I’m not selling people things. I’m only selling information to the public. And I try to make that the best quality information that I can find.