He had no illusions about where he was going, or the dangers. In fact, I had one of the reporters tell me one time in Montgomery, he said, “Look…” he was one of the good guys that was always with us, and he said, “I know I get in your way,” he said. “But you got to cut me a little slack, Andy, because if something happens to Dr. King and I don’t get a picture of it, I’ll lose my job.” So everywhere we went, every day, his life was on the line. And people invited him because they knew he would bring the national press to those issues. He knew that, and he did it willingly, and figured that that was his point, that was his reason for living. He’d always say, “If you haven’t found something you’re willing to die for, you’re not good to live.” That you ought to find something you’re willing to give your life to, because it’s so easy to die for nothing.