I had followed the experts and put the money I had in television. The second time around I spent almost no money on television. The only money I spent on television, I spent on Ted Turner’s station, late at night on something called Creature Feature and wrestling. Because those were things that I knew people looked at. But we spent most of our money organizing people door-to-door. Times had changed, and I was able to — it was a pouring down rain — but we were so well organized that we got a 74 percent turnout of black voters, and we got almost 14 percent of the white vote. I saw the headline that somebody sent me from a paper, and the headline on the paper said, “White Voters Elect Young.” And that was true, because we couldn’t have done it with just black voters, when I think at that time the district was just 32 percent black. So I did have the time to get known throughout the white community, and I ran a better campaign.