It became clear that when we had clinical trials, we, the scientific community and the regulatory community, did not listen to them because they wanted to be part of the discussion of how you design a trial, of how you get a drug available or not.  But no one was listening to them because it was, at the time, an attitude that many of us had, and I probably had it myself, but I changed pretty quickly.  And that was, “We’re scientists. We’re regulators. We know better than you.” Meanwhile, they have a disease, they see all of their friends dying, and we say, “Well, a new drug takes x number of years to get through the process of the standard clinical trial.” And activists were saying, “Wait a minute.  If I look at my friends, I probably have about a year and a half to live.”  But yet, no one was paying attention to them, so they decided that they were going to gain the attention of the establishment.