Anthony Fauci: I was the establishment.  They decided that they were going to focus it on me.  And it was very interesting. They focused it on me essentially because I was the head of the institute, but they also did it to some of the other scientists, who ran for the hills, you know, like, “Don’t want to deal with them.”  So they got my attention. They did some amazing things, not only to me but, in New York City, they closed down Wall Street, they broke into St. Patrick’s Cathedral during the middle of a mass and grabbed the chalice from the priest. They did things to gain attention.  Everybody thought that was horrible.  But when I was looking at it, and I was starting to read about the kinds of things that they were asking for, if you put aside the histrionics and the theatrics, they were making perfect sense, and we were the ones that were not getting it.  My attention was gotten by several things. You know, they invaded the NIH with smoke bombs and things.