When you make rounds, I expect everybody to know everything about the patient, to be able to present it in an crisp, articulate way.  I need everybody knowing all the things that are going on, because I think it’s a sacred privilege to be able to take care of the patient. Every once in a while, not always, you get somebody that’s sloppy.  You know they’re presenting the patient, they don’t know what the laboratory data is, and she (my future wife) had heard that when people are like that, I don’t suffer that very lightly.  If you’re going to take the responsibility of putting somebody’s life in your hands you better know what’s going on with the patient.  And one of the things that I would not like at all, when someone is presenting a patient to you, and they’re going through, “And the patient has… Let me see. What’s this?”  If you don’t know in your head what’s going on with your patient, you were going to have trouble with me.