I developed a reputation in White House circles, because the White House is an interesting place. Someone who is a junior staffer in this administration, and two administrations later is going to be the Deputy Chief of Staff, that’s just the way it works.  So I developed, over the years, a reputation that I would speak the truth and give you advice and discussion based on evidence, and not on my trying to ingratiate myself with you.  And the word got out. It got out from the Congress, and it got out among not only presidents, but the people who staffed the White House, because people who are staffers in the Senate become staffers in the White House, and it’s almost like a family of people that get to know each other.  What’s happened over the, over the years is that I’ve been very honest.  I’ve given my best opinion based on the evidence, and people respect that.  So I’ve had to tell presidents sometimes things that they didn’t like.  But they keep asking me back, because they know I’m going to give them an honest opinion.