Back then — when I was an intern, and a couple of years of residency and then a chief residency — we were on every other night and every other weekend.  And you never ever left the hospital unless your patient was stable.  So you may be on every other night, and every other, but there were days in a row when you just wouldn’t leave.  You’d take a cat nap here and a cat nap there and you wouldn’t go.  Now if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t function well under that, that’s dangerous, and that’s a good reason why there are restrictions now.  But if you happen to be somewhat of a type one mechanic the way I am, that feeds right into the things you love. I mean, just doing that and doing all of those very important things, and realizing that sometimes when you’re really tired you can just pull yourself up and get it done. The terminology that my daughters use now was sort of born then, like, “Suck it up and do it!” And that’s what we did.  So I really enjoyed that.  I really enjoyed that.