You really have to keep an open mind because a lot of times things that dramatically influence you in your life are things that you don’t plan. They’re completely unanticipated, and you have to have the training and the insight and foresight to see that maybe this is an opportunity.  I did that when I stopped doing my autoimmune work and switched to HIV-AIDS.  I did that when I became the director of NIAID.  And then I realized that, as a director of this institute, when you had challenges like outbreaks and influenza or anthrax and all those kinds of things, that what we needed was a scientist who was a serious scientist, who could articulate to the White House, to the Congress, and to the public the kinds of things that are important and that we need.  And that’s something that I never would have predicted in my wildest dreams when I was back doing what I was doing, that that’s what I would be doing.