Anthony Romero: Lawyers are not normally known as being creative people.  But you know what?  We are, we are.  We are about creating rights and creating opportunities where they don’t exist.  We are about looking at the most serious systemic structural barriers and trying to find a solution.  We are about envisioning a world not that is, but that should be.  So when you look at a social problem and you say, “Okay, why are the schools delivering such poor educational outcomes for our kids?”  And as a lawyer you come in and say, “Okay, how are we going to solve it? How do we make sure that there is more money going to the poor classrooms and that the teachers are better trained, that there are better resources for students, that we equalize between the rich schools and the poor schools?” You have to approach this with creativity.  You have to approach this with a sense of possibility.