I am privileged to represent an organization that will be here forever.  It’s a permanent fixture in the American political landscape.  We’ve been here for 92 years.  We have outlived every president since the early 20th century.  We have sued them all.  The fact is, as long as we have a constitution, as long as we have the United States of America, we’re going to need an ACLU to defend the rights of all people, and we’re going to be there forever.  We can lose a case, like Bowers v. Hardwick in 1986, where the rights of a gay couple to have consensual sex in the privacy of their bedroom was — that was being criminalized and that statute was being upheld by the Supreme Court — until today, where the courts are on the verge of recognizing full equality for gay and lesbian people.  You have to lose in ’86 to win in 2012. The fact is, this organization is going to be around in 2022, ’32, ’42.  I’ll be old or dead, but I know that the spirit of this work will continue.  That is what gives me courage, that even when I lose today, we know we’re going to be back in there at some other point, pushing the envelope and making it right at some other point in the future.