If we don’t learn from our failures, then we’re doomed to create them over and over again.  And what’s the point of that?  We want to win.  So if you fail once, take the time out to learn. Take the time out to ask the questions, take the time out to be analytic and self-critical.  All of us have failed.  I mean — Christ! I have. Today, I have failed more than I would like to imagine on a couple things.  Yet there are moments when you say, “Okay, I can do better.”  We have to focus on the idea that it’s progress, the idea that we can make a difference.   I think there’s also a bit of humanity in it, there is a bit of humility in it.  That if we don’t ever learn from our failures and don’t recognize that we’re going to fail, then we have an overblown sense of who we are.  That’s not very good, because arrogance is what comes before the fall.  So I think it’s important to approach this work with optimism, with energy, with creativity, with tenacity, with a sense of humor.  Oh God, if we stop laughing, that’s really a sorry state of affairs.  And a willingness to learn from one’s mistakes.