I think there is a certain level of cynicism, certainly in our politics. Our politicians too often talk about the realpolitik of making politics. “That’s just the way it is, nothing we can do to change it.” That we have to worry about the folks who can succeed, and focus less on the folks who can’t. I think part of what we have to do is to recommit ourselves, that each and every single person in America is a precious person, whether they are an immigrant or a citizen, whether a woman or a man, whether they are gay or straight, whether they are physically able or disabled. That there is a preciousness of the human existence and that we all have a responsibility to cultivate that in each other, that we are the farmers of that American Dream. That it’s not enough about me growing my own little crop right here, that I am responsible for making sure that the crops of my neighbors grow. That’s the promise of America. And that you hear less and less. That you hear less and less in politics. That you hear in families. That you hear among friends. That you hear in local communities. But we really don’t talk about the possible. We don’t ever talk about tackling the impossible. We don’t ever stretch our sights over what it is that we should accomplish, what makes us feel good.