Anthony Romero: The struggle for civil rights and civil liberties is really a very basic one.  It’s one we all understand.  We have the right to live with dignity.  Each of us — regardless of who we are, or what background we come from, or what religion or what race — have a right to determine how we think about the world, what we say, whom we love, who we associate ourselves with. It’s the ability to tap into that most beautiful part of the human experience, of saying, “I decide what I want to be and what I do and what I say and what I think.”  We all feel that, we all feel the sense of personality, of individuality, and the idea then that there are barriers that impede our ability to live our lives fully, there are barriers that impede our ability to be all we can be.  That’s what we do, we remove the barriers, we remove the blocks.  It’s about taking every person whose life is precious and making sure that they can make the most of it as they wish.  That’s, in the end, what we do every day.