Antonio Villaraigosa: The other person, the stranger if you will, that I talk about all the time and particularly since I’ve first ran for office — I was asked by someone, “Who was an inspiration in your life?” just as you are asking me now — and of course I started with my mom, and they said, “Yeah, okay, but what about a stranger? Someone else?”  And that someone else is Herman Katz.   Herman Katz was my teacher at Roosevelt High School. Now let me backtrack for a moment.  I went to Catholic school for most of my life.  When my mom couldn’t afford it, we went to public school.  I tell people it was a Catholic school that gave me a foundation, but I was kicked out of high school.  I led the walkouts at high school, and I got in a lot of fights and was kind of on a road, a bit lost.   So I got kicked out of Catholic school and I went to public school.  And even though I was getting college prep classes and scored fairly high on academic tests, back in the 1960s they put you in shop classes.