Going to public school, they put me in shop classes and basic reading classes and basic ed classes.  And I dropped out.  And then I decided to go back, and I met a teacher who I was taking a basic reading class with, and he realized that I had a little more on the ball than that.  And he asked me to take a test, and he said, “You’re probably not going to do real well on the test, but I want you to take it anyway.”  And I guess I aced it or something.  And the rest was something I have chronicled over the years, and that was a guy who just pushed me to take the SAT, offered to drive me to take it because I registered late and I was going to have to take it at another school and my car was broken.  Wanted to pay for it when I made excuses about  I didn’t have the money.  When I got a fairly high verbal score, wanted me to go to college and just pushed me, pushed me, pushed me.  And I have always told the story of Herman Katz, because this was a stranger who didn’t know me, but saw something in me and really pushed me to excel. And when I met him, finally, when I was running for office some 23 years after graduating, he didn’t remember me.  And I always tell people he didn’t remember me because he helped so many people.  I was just one of many that he just set a high bar for and really pushed.  So Herman Katz is someone who is still around, and I talk to him from time to time, and he is still an inspiration.  Because — a little different than my mom, we know your mom would be your inspiration — this was a stranger, a teacher who dedicated his life to making other lives better.  And Herman Katz is his name.