Arnold Palmer: America is a great place. And from the days of my not being able to enjoy the luxuries of a country club, I now own the club and I do enjoy it. And I’m very pleased and I feel very privileged that this country has given people like myself the opportunity to do the things that I’ve been able to do. I think that could define the American Dream for anyone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a country club, or steel mill, or whatever it might be. The opportunity to go from the lowest position in the steel mill, the golf course, the business, whether it be an accounting firm, or a law firm, or whatever it is, that you can go from that position to the head of that firm, or to the head of the club, or to own the club, or the steel mill, or whatever it might be is, as they say — and as I’ve heard many times from some of my ethnic friends — it can only happen in America.