Arnold Palmer: I don’t think you can ever get over a putt, or a situation in a life where you can just totally relax. Whether it means something as important as the National Amateur Championship, or the U.S. Open, or anything in golf. But I think that you can train yourself to be in situations like that and then when you get in that situation, use the thing that you’ve learned, and that you’ve concentrated on in your practice, or in your make-up to do something. And again, I have to go back to the fact that my father had a tremendous influence on me when those situations arose. And he had never really done those things, but he had a feel for what I was trying to do and instilled in me the ability to rely on the things that he had taught me about the game of golf. And the basic fundamentals of the game. And whether it be a putt, or a drive, or whatever it might be, to be able to call on the things that I had practiced, in the basic fundamentals. And of course, in the positive thoughts in my mind, the concentration that was there. And I feel like those are the things that helped me accomplish what I accomplished.