Winning a Tony completely surpassed my dreams. I just wanted to be on Broadway.  That’s all I wanted.  So winning one Tony, I thought I was done.  So what’s happened is just hard for me to fathom.  So I don’t think about it all that much.  So to answer your question, no. It doesn’t change my life all that much, because I’m still me.  I’m still an artist who’s searching, trying to evolve, an artist who — nine times out of ten — is dissatisfied with her work, and beats herself, and goes out there and tries again and again, and falls on her face and looks for new challenges.  I think the Tony says, “Okay. Great job. Keep going.”  But it doesn’t bring money.  Maybe Oscars do, but Tonys do not.  Theater doesn’t bring money in general. That’s not why you do it.  If you go into theater for money then you’ve really gone into the wrong business.  What’s the joke?  “I want to tell you how to make a million dollars. Invest $10 million in a show! That’s how you make it.” I never felt any different on the inside.  So I guess no, it didn’t change my life, but outwardly it did.  Does that make sense?  I don’t know.