You don’t want to fall in your face, and you know that you probably will.  But if you do somehow get through that challenge, look at what you’re going to have learned, and look at what you’re going to know.  I was scared to death to do Bess in Porgy and Bess, and I thought I wouldn’t survive it. I thought I’d kill myself vocally.  I thought — especially because we were attempting to put it in a more musical theater genre again as opposed to the operatic — I knew the slings and arrows that were headed our way, and I thought, “And I left a really healthy television show in California to do this.”  I came back to go home, and left a really healthy paycheck and all that, to not only be with my family, but then also to pursue this Porgy and Bess.  Because it scared the bejesus out of me, and because I knew that if I get past this, or even if I am just the slightest bit better as an actress — or even a singer, or even a classical singer — for having done this, it will be worth it.  So there you go.