This sounds like terrible grammar, but I want to do. I want to do the singing, I want to do the acting, I want to do the concertizing. I want to do the plays. I want to do the musicals. I want to become a great artist. This sounds really cheesy, but if ever there was an award that I would want to win some day, it would be like a Kennedy Center honor. That would mean to me that I’ve amassed a body of work that has not only sort of affected the arts and made an impact on the arts, but that’s a large enough body of work and a varied enough body of work and a lengthy enough body of work that it deserves an honor. That to me is like, that would be a great goal. But if that were to happen someday, which would be amazing if it did, then next day I would still be like, “Okay, cool. Now, I’ve never been able to sing this note really comfortably. I should figure out how to really…” You know what I mean? There’s always more to learn.