Audra McDonald: I guess you can look at it sort of like when you look at an Olympic runner and they cross the finish line. It’s the same thing, I think, working and training to get to that moment. Sometimes it’s less definitive with a Broadway show or in theater. I guess there’s the opening night, if you get to the opening night. But it’s like crossing a finish line. You have the moment of awareness of what’s just happened, and awareness of, “Okay. That’s a goal that I wanted to reach, and I’ve reached it, but you can’t tell me that Usain Bolt isn’t thinking, “Okay, now I gotta be faster.”  So you have a moment, which may last a week, it may last 30 seconds, it may last a year, and then the goal gets put all the way across the other side of the world again.  Then there you go running towards that one.  For me anyway, that’s how it is always.