It was at the time that they were trying to stop forced busing with schools in Fresno, so they started to develop all of these magnet schools around Fresno. So instead of being forced to another part of town just to diversify the schools, you went to the school according to what you were interested in.  That was happening right as I was going into high school.  So Computech, which was a computer school, popped up.  There was a poli-sci school that popped up. These were all high school. And a performing arts school popped up. Many of the teachers that populated — my freshman year was the first year that school opened — many of the teachers that populated that school were people who had worked at Good Company Players.  In fact, one of the ladies that became the principal of that school was a great lady named Clytee Ramsey, who had starred in many shows at Good Company Players. She was Dolly in <i>Hello, Dolly!</i> and Mame in <i>Mame</i>.  So I ended up going to a performing arts high school as well as still doing shows at Good Company Players.  So by the time it was time for me to audition for Juilliard, I had spent my whole life basically on the stage, in my high school productions and in my dinner theater productions.  We had a TV show, a weekly TV show for the junior company.  So auditioning wasn’t scary to me. It’s something that I’d grown up doing.  And a girl in the year — in the class before me — had gone and auditioned for Juilliard for the dance department. And then another girl in our dinner theater had gone and auditioned for the vocal department. I knew I wanted to move to New York.  I knew I wanted to be on Broadway.  I knew that very shortly after I started working at Good Company Players.  I knew that’s what I wanted to do.